Stories have always enjoyed the power to engage, articulate & entertain. As we celebrate 100 years of Indian cinema, "Preetiye Devaru" ( Love is God ) words penned by Dr Rajkumar is an inspiration. With this as the movie title, Anil Annaiah aims to share a beautiful story with a befitting message for the society.

Anil Annaiah is an award winning filmmaker. He is the founder of “Annleela” , a visual solutions company & global film production house. He is the Author of “Nobody Speaks To Me” - 2001 & “Simple Perceptions” – 2013. He is the founder of “Brand Radianz” a practice for empowering social impact goals.

He has worked across a wide genre of films & visual media applications for over 2 decades. He has also Written & Directed, 5 ( Five ) Bollywood Style Feature Films for Social Impact / Social Change in 6 ( Six ) languages including Hindi. These films were made across 5 states of India with mainly leading film actors / stars of that particular film industry.

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On 13th March 1989, a sunny Monday afternoon, Anil Annaiah got the wonderful opportunity of meeting and requesting the legend of cinema Dr Rajkumar to pose for a photograph. This photograph was captured in a single shot on 35mm negative format by the 18 year old photography enthusiast. This image has stood the test of time for the memorable moment it was.

On Anil Annaiah's request for a message with an autograph, Dr Rajkumar graciously penned it. The profound words "Preetiye Devaru" written by him, has stood tall in Anil Annaiah's diary over the years.


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  • Hope
  • Twinkling Stars
  • Yearning
  • Oneness
  • Love


Dear little child
Every move you make
And every step you take
Keeps me in raptures and asking for more

You pull at my heart strings
In a way, that I have never felt in the past
What is it I wonder
That brings us so close

Oh my child
There are answers I do not know
There are answers I do not know

There are no comparisons to draw
My feelings have never quite
Unleashed itself like this ever

As I hold you
I know but one truth
That there is a stirring in my soul
Which is divine and pure
None as I know from my life before


As we sow the seeds of joy
Our planet rejoices in it

When we grasp the future
Earth basks in sunshine

In our little loving worlds
We discover the wonderful life

Twinkling Stars

As darkness descends into night
It brings in the feeling of a fear
But for the stars in the sky
Nobody would believe in a day after the night

Each little twinkle up above
Has witnessed many a night
When despair made way for hope
And when hope gave way to despair

It shines in silence
But speaks in volumes
It seems far and away
But it is near in every way

Every mother hopes its child
Can brave the fears of the night
She prays to the stars in the sky
To guide her children safely
To the days in bright and clear light


When I am in my shell
The world looks so large
There are faces dear to me
Love I receive is in abundance

As I step
Out of my shell
World looks so small
I know none as close
As my dear relationships

But there is a calling I feel
In this world so small
It is waiting for me to reach
Touch and feel

I may be wrong
but the truth might be
In the large world the love is
Confined to the boundaries
In the small world the
Love has no real boundaries


When you ask me, if I know you
I can tell you for sure...I can feel you
When you ask me, if I trust you
I can tell you for breath is in you

I know so little
But when I find myself with you
I find me

I discover a strength in my mind
I feel the tenderness in my heart
I sense a fragrance in the wild

For me, you dwell in all that life has to offer
With this I hope, I have rested your thoughts
That everything I about you in me


If love is so simple to fall in
Why is it so difficult to forget

Is it the warmth
Is it the strength
Is it the affection

When we entered in to it
We did not see the space it could engulf

Now that we are apart
It is so cold
We feel so weak

Can we reach for each other
Build the bond we had before

Feel our souls travel
With light in the eyes
Leading us clearly
To the path of affectionate delight

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